micahsota – PICTURE IN MY POCKET “Picture in My Pocket” is an upbeat and sun-kissed indie electronic song composed by talented musician micahsota. It is a celebration of life’s special moments, captured through the lens of a trusty Instax camera. With every snap of the camera, memories come to life, materializing as vibrant polaroid-style photographs […]

Jeremy Black – Part of Me

Jeremy Black – Part of Me Jeremy Black Jeremy Black is a long-time independent producer and composer from California who is now located in Berlin Germany. Jeremy spent his early music years as a regular companion of pop producer John Hill (Portugal The Man, Santigold) and is also an early member of Justin Vernon’s (Bon […]

Curious Mind – To The Edge

Curious Mind – To The Edge “Act on your curiosity” To The Edge With his debut release ‘To The Edge‘, Curious Mind is aiming to carve his way into the electronic music scene. Combining both emotions and melodies to create an uplifting production that conveys the feeling of wanting someone so bad, it feels like […]

Luvanga – LUV EP

Luvanga luv ep

Luvanga – LUV EP About Luvanga Luvanga is a producer and self-taught musician born in Switzerland. His sound can be described as soul-filled mixed with electronic and funk elements. Luvanga won the ‘Music Producer Challenge” in 2019 at the Music Producer Convention in Paris. LUV EP Luvanga released this 4-track LUV EP as the precursor […]

Tasos Peltekis – Algebraic


Tasos Peltekis -Algebraic Algebraic Tasos Peltekis, a guitarist and composer from Thessaloniki, Greece released his solo project called “Algebraic”. He started studying classical guitar at a very young age.  His music is a  blend of cinematic landscapes,  guitar textures and electronic elements. Tasos has written and composed a lot of music for different artists, documentaries […]