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Luvanga – LUV EP

About Luvanga

Luvanga is a producer and self-taught musician born in Switzerland. His sound can be described as soul-filled mixed with electronic and funk elements. Luvanga won the ‘Music Producer Challenge” in 2019 at the Music Producer Convention in Paris.


Luvanga released this 4-track LUV EP as the precursor to his highly anticipated debut album. It’s the first time that Luvanga is singing and rapping on his own production. 

The songs on the EP were created based on Luvanga’s feelings. His feelings are a central element, but also the philosophy for his work. He achieves this by listening to the records several times. After a few playbacks the meaning of his work appears to him. On the tracks Luvanga addresses different topics such as: love, racism, equality and celebration. He describes it as “an unclassifiable, elusive work, sparing itself froma ll barriers in order to cross all borders.”

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