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Picture in My Pocket” is an upbeat and sun-kissed indie electronic song composed by talented musician micahsota. It is a celebration of life’s special moments, captured through the lens of a trusty Instax camera. With every snap of the camera, memories come to life, materializing as vibrant polaroid-style photographs that can be tucked away into one’s pocket.

Inspired by the smiling faces of his friends and the thriving electronic music scene in Denver, the song is a tribute to the beauty of life’s fleeting moments. micahsota drew inspiration from prominent musicians such as Jerry Folk, Sam Gellaitry, Billy Lemos, and Still Woozy. The track has been produced and recorded all by himself in his home studio.

micahsota picture in my pocket cover art

The response to the song has been nothing short of extraordinary, with fans raving about its feel-good energy and its ability to inspire joy and dance. micahsota hopes that “Picture in My Pocket” will reach the right ears and touch the hearts of many, capturing the essence of life’s brightest moments in sound.

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