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Curious Mind – To The Edge

To The Edge

With his debut release ‘To The Edge‘, Curious Mind is aiming to carve his way into the electronic music scene. Combining both emotions and melodies to create an uplifting production that conveys the feeling of wanting someone so bad, it feels like everything around you fades away. The track opens with a mesmerizing buildup leading up to the first euphoric drop featuring bigh synths and effortless vocal lines. For the second drop, Curious Mind switches to a more up-tempo climax to keep the listeners engaged. 

Curious Mind - To The Edge coverart

About Curious Mind

Curious Mind a.k.a. Guido Bosmans is a nineteen-year-old producer based in the Netherlands. He started his music journey in 2019 producing hip-hop beats but soon found out that he wanted to switch it up to electronic dance music. Guido participated in Ruud van Rijen’s (founder and producer of Twenty4Seven) producer program to develop his career and perfect his craft as an artist/producer. With a valuable music mentor by his side, Guido has already built an archive of unreleased bangers that will be featured in his upcoming Album.

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