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Jeremy Black – Part of Me

Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black is a long-time independent producer and composer from California who is now located in Berlin Germany. Jeremy spent his early music years as a regular companion of pop producer John Hill (Portugal The Man, Santigold) and is also an early member of Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) and The National’s ‘PEOPLE Collective’.

Part of Me

Jeremy Black has recently released his third EP called ‘Part of Me‘ which is part of a four-series project. With each EP Jeremy explores a wide variety of genres by blending different elements from techno, hip hop, and garage into a uniform piece. The EP consists of four different productions that will tingle your ears.

The EP’s title track ‘Part of Me‘ featuring vocalist IUMA is one of those pieces. Based on the idea that the mind has the potential to create things that aren’t real. Jeremy Black and IUMA convey this story by utilizing bopping garage components with luscious vocal lines. Overall the track is just a dance masterpiece, combining a groovy rhythm with a punchy hook line, perfect for the dancefloor.