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Two Sides 8 – Sad About What?

Two Sides 8 wants to inspire people to capitalise on any talent they have.

About Two Sides 8

Two Sides 8 is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist that grew up in Sevenoaks, Kent. He is currently studying Electronic Music Production at Leeds College of Music. On September 26th Two Sides 8 released his debut EP called “What’s Next?”. The opportunity to work with producers and sound engineers from Los Angeles led to the creation of tracks such as “Sad About What?” and “Broken Boy”.

Sad About What?

Two Sides 8 usually writes very anxious and dark music, however “Sad About What?” is meant to inspiring people to use and showcase their talents. “ILoveMakonnen’s EP “M3” was a big inspiration for me to write “Sad About What?”. Makonnen inspires me because he is always more than happy to tell the world how he feels.” – Two Sides 8

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