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Anthony Rubery – Devil

Anthony Rubery showcases his urban flair in smash-hit track 'Devil'.

About Anthony Rubery

Urban pop Anthony Rubery is a singer-songwriter from North-East London. Anthony spent the last 3 years studying in Cambridge and was quick to make his presence known in the local scene. The singer broke two records in the Cambridge 105 Unsigned Chart with his 2017 song “Intoxicated”, spending 15 weeks at number 1 and entering into the chart’s Hall of Fame. In the same year, Anthony Rubery supported The Ordinary Boys at The Garage, Islington, as part of their 2017 UK Tour. Taking influence from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Post Malone and The Beatles, the singer offers a deep insight into his life with honest and gritty lyrics.


“I often use my songs as an outlet to address things in my personal life. Devil is no different. The song is based around a pretty evil corner of my brain that stores some very selfish and hurtful thoughts. I spend a lot of time thinking, which in turn leads to overthinking, which often leads me to this corner. Devil is an apology to those close to me that I have hurt, as well as an attempt to explain my headspace”. – Anthony Rubery

Devil has a sharp hip hop feel; with harsh bass and mellotron sounds set a dark, devilish scene, while the trap drums help to drive the song to its climax. The lyrics address the singer’s battle with mental health and its effect on himself and those close to him.

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