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Ego.0ff & Mvo Rell – the Apprentice

About the artists

Washington DC artist Ego.0ff and Maryland artist MVO Rell join forces to create their brand-new album called ‘the Apprentice’. MVO Rell mentioned that working together with Ego.0ff. was a way to pay homage to him as a close friend but also as a brother. For Ego.0ff, the Apprentice is his fourth studio album and his first full collaborative project.

the Apprentice

Ego.0ff & Mvo Rell - the Apprentice

Utilizing both their energy and raw lyrical flow the duo managed to capture different Hip Hop styles in just one Album. With tracks like ‘Wu22’ paying respect to the more classic, old-school beats. While tracks like ‘the Apprentice’ take a more laidback vibe, inspired by R&B elements.

No matter what style you prefer, the album has something for every Hip Hop listener. From modern sounds to classic baselines, everything is covered in ‘the Apprentice’.

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