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Ceyeo – Machine Learning


Chicago-based artist Ceyeo is known for the interesting mixture of conscious hip-hop with rock elements that flow throughout the tracks that Ceyeo has released. If we dive deeper into the different elements we can hear smooth basslines, hitting drums, and uplifting synths that set Ceyeo’s signature sound. 

Ceyeo - Machine Learning cover art

Machine Learning

Ceyeo’s latest project called ‘Machine Learning‘ was first initiated back in September 2021, near the end of the covid pandemic. Some tracks on the album also reflect this period with ‘Let’s Go Out‘, speaking about the optimism that the pandemic will not last forever and things will get back to normal. However, Ceyeo also addresses different topics in the album such as the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community in the track ‘Trying‘ and more positive topics in ‘Summer Love’ and ‘Salana‘.

Machine Learning is a true blend of different moods as well as genres, switching from alternative rock to hip-hop and R&B, that despite the different styles, still perfectly match together.

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