PEDRO – Echoes of My Mind

PEDRO – Echoes of My Mind “Echoes of My Mind” by PEDRO is a tantalizing body of work that explores the depths of emotion through music. This experimental EP, comprised of a series of carefully crafted compositions, creates a tapestry of sound that is as unique as it is captivating. Inspired by a blend of […]


micahsota – PICTURE IN MY POCKET “Picture in My Pocket” is an upbeat and sun-kissed indie electronic song composed by talented musician micahsota. It is a celebration of life’s special moments, captured through the lens of a trusty Instax camera. With every snap of the camera, memories come to life, materializing as vibrant polaroid-style photographs […]

Carson Ferris – Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

Carson Ferris – Drive Alone (Acoustic) Carson Ferris’ music is a delightful blend of pop and rock, a catchy fusion that showcases his undeniable talent. With his young age, he’s already making waves in the music industry and has a bright future ahead. Drive Alone by Carson Ferris is an ode to the artist’s journey […]

July – Circus

July – Circus July has ignited the music scene with a new release that will send R&B and neo-soul enthusiasts into a frenzy. “Circus” is a tantalizing blend of nostalgic sounds and fresh innovation, an irresistible sonic treat that brings a unique flair to the genre. It is a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience that solidifies […]

Carl Liungman – Shine

Carl Liungman – Shine Carl Liungman’s melodies weave a tapestry of Pop ballads, classical piano mastery, and ethereal New Age soundscapes. His compositions are infused with the influence of musical greats such as Arvo Pärt, John Legend, Max Richter, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, and Keith Jarrett. With Shine, Carl unveils an intimate and personal collection of […]

Gary Dranow – (Made It) Another Day

Gary Dranow – (Made It) Another Day “(Made It) Another Day” by Gary Dranow is a lively and energetic blend of the blues that explores the complexities of the human experience. Through its catchy and jaunty melody, the song delves into the ups and downs of daily existence for those navigating through mental and emotional […]

Jeremy Black – Part of Me

Jeremy Black – Part of Me Jeremy Black Jeremy Black is a long-time independent producer and composer from California who is now located in Berlin Germany. Jeremy spent his early music years as a regular companion of pop producer John Hill (Portugal The Man, Santigold) and is also an early member of Justin Vernon’s (Bon […]

Ceyeo – Machine Learning

Ceyeo – Machine Learning Ceyeo Chicago-based artist Ceyeo is known for the interesting mixture of conscious hip-hop with rock elements that flow throughout the tracks that Ceyeo has released. If we dive deeper into the different elements we can hear smooth basslines, hitting drums, and uplifting synths that set Ceyeo’s signature sound.  Machine Learning Ceyeo’s […]

Ego.0ff & Mvo Rell – the Apprentice

Ego.0ff & Mvo Rell present their collaborative project ‘the Apprentice’. “A soundful collection showcasing different Hip Hop styles” About the artists Washington DC artist Ego.0ff and Maryland artist MVO Rell join forces to create their brand-new album called ‘the Apprentice’. MVO Rell mentioned that working together with Ego.0ff. was a way to pay homage to […]

Son Savage – Just Keep Dancing

Son Savage – Just Keep Dancing Son Savage Son Savage is a project by Dubai-based songwriter, producer, and performing artist Charbel Ghanime. He is no stranger when it comes to the music scene as he has co-written and performed with many established names in the music scene. Ghanime started ‘Son Savage’ back in August 2021 […]