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Joonas – Heavy Water

Heavy Water by Joonas – where energetic beats collide with genuine emotion.

For Joonas music serves both as a refuge and revelation. In his latest track, “Heavy Water”, he unveils a deeply personal journey, a bump of anger and seduction, heartbreak and passion. Shaped by a past of feeling like the odd one out, Joonas infuses his songs with a blend of fantasy and reality. “Heavy Water” is an example of his unique style. Energetic, yet embedded with genuine emotion. As he explores the complexities of falling back into a toxic relationship, the song becomes a reflection of Joonas as an artistic soul. A truly stunning piece of craftsmanship that deserves a spot in your playlist!

Joonas Heavy Water Cover art

Heavy Water by Joonas has been added to our ‘POPPULSE’ playlist!