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Marsupial Lion – Solar Glare

About Marsupial Lion

Marsupial Lion is a one-man band project from singer-songwriter Travis Jonathan. The name ‘Marsupial Lion’ represents  two opposite archetypes, from the snuggly koala to the king of the jungle. Marsupial Lion expresses these two opposite types in his sound. The soaring guitar fuzz with smooth soundscape synths creates a perfectly balanced sound.

Solar Glare

marsuplial lion solarglare spotify

The track Solar Glare is part of Marsupial Lion’s debut album ‘Juvenilia’. He explored a range of different genres for his previous singles such as: psych-rock/synth-pop (“Tick Tock”), new wave/ electro-pop (“Here’s Wishing!”) and 80s pop/Lo-fi (“Still The Same”). This time he took a more nu-disco/chillwave approach. Marsupial Lion describes his sound as “riffwave”. A set of melodic synths, crackling bass, culminating in a thrilling burst of guitars. 

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