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Mac Rose – I Need This

About Mac Rose

Mac Rose is a trap-pop vocalist, songwriter, and producer based in Dublin Ireland. He has released several successful songs, influenced by artist such as XXXTentaction, Post Malone and Khalid. In his teenage years, Mac Rose spent most of his time listening to grunge and rock music but also developing his musical skills on different instruments.

I Need This

mac rose i need this

Mac Rose’s latest track is called ‘I Need This’. He tells the tale of being desperately in love with someone. So much that you start relying on that person. Even through the dark days, you still need everything they give you. The track is crafted with reflective lyrics and a catchy hook. The strong rhythmic beat was done by Hill Kidd and contains a lot of rock-inspired guitar sounds with rapid hi-hats and a hard-hitting bass.

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