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Jae Luna – All Kinds of Things

Jae Luna’s new solo release “All Kinds of Things”.

About Jae Luna

Jae Luna grew up shadowing his older brother’s listening habits. He was exposed to 90s hip hop and emo alternative music at a very young age. As Jae grew up, his genre consumption expanded, cycling through phases of alt-garage, indie rock and EDM. Combining all those different genres, Jae Luna created his own very unique style.

Jae Luna is classically trained in both piano and voice. The multi-instrumentalist merges Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop and electronic elements with classical harmonies creating a unique hybrid sound.

All Kinds of Things

Jae Luna - All Kinds Of Things

All Kinds of Things is Jae Luna’s first solo release since 2018. The track is the first release of Jae’s highly anticipated EP “Phases”, set to release in Q2. Phases is a getaway from his former mental health and self-image struggles, embracing the beauty and delicacies of life. In his track “All Kinds of Things”, Jae fuses acoustic instrumentals with electronic production while voicing thought of yearning and longing over a lover.

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