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Emanuel - Addiction

Emanuel finally released his debut album ‘Alt Therapy’, 12 stunning R&B/Sould tracks that will enhance your playlist.


Dave jy Lee - Speed of Light

Orange County-based artist Davy jy Lee creates blissful Pop R&B from analog synths, hip-hop beats and soulful lyrics.

Davy jy Lee

Trizzy Don - Tunnel Vision

Trizzy Don makes a blend of R&B and alternative tracks inspired by his diverse taste in music.

Trizzy Don

Will Newman - Do You Remember

Will Newman’s new album ‘Daylight Fades to Midnight’ is a nostalgic journey through the myriad of emotions associated with relationships.

Will Newman

Mariah Counts - Every Dose

‘Every Does’ by Mariah Counts, describes the feeling of being addicted to someone.

Mariah Counts

Ivy Ash - Rain Again

“This song is all about breaking bad habits and finding yourself.” – Ivy Ash

Ivy Ash

Red Ran The Mathematikal - Equinox

‘Equinox’ by Red Ran The Mathematikal is about the different transistions in life.

Red Ran The Mathematikal