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Adeline Saive - Like It That Way

“Whatever you’re going through right now, you have the power and ability to choose love, positivity, happiness and create your own sunshine in your mind.” – Adeline Saive

Adeline Saive

Flynn Rink - Down

With melodies made for the feels and drops made for the dance floor, Flynn Rink’s indie-pop EDM delivers a new level of soaring intimacy.

Flynn Rink

Lucy Dreams - Dreamland

‘Dreamland’ is the first single, the avantgarde for “Götterfunke”, a vanguard scout for the album to come.

Lucy Dreams

Spiderthumb - Kashmir

“Music to me is a wide landscape, and you have to pluck inspiration from all parts of it in order to explore it properly.” – Spiderthumb


Alta Falls - Into You

‘Into You’ by Alta Falls, marries ominous 80s synth-pop vibes with the delectably menacing percussion that underpins the track.

Alta Falls

Haylea Heyns - Sorry

‘Sorry’ by Haylea Heyns, is an anthem song for everyone who has ever been let down by someone they cared about. 

Haylea Heyns

ADMNT & Krissy Twiggie - Juice

‘Juice’ by ADMNT and Krissy Twiggie is memorable, fun, happy and guaranteed to be stuck in your head ALL summer.

El'vee - Balotelli

‘Balotelli’ by El’vee, is an eclectic production with an Afrocentric flair that blends both energy and culture.