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Mighloe - Euphoria

Toronto-based singer & songwriter Mighloe released her new EP ‘Desperate Times’.


Cami Bex - Nowhere to Put My Love

Cami wrote ‘Nowhere to Put My Love’ while exploring a nearly-isolated Iceland in 2019 after its main airline collapsed.

Cami Bex

Konscious Kel - Try Again

“A song that displays the complicated dynamic of love vs. lust.” – Konscious Kel

Konscious Kel

Nigel Roxbury - Playoff Rondo

Nigel Roxbury released his new Lofi Hip-Hop track called ‘Playoff Rondo’.

Nigel Roxbury

Laura Brizuela - O.Y.O.

‘O.Y.O.’ is inspired by the many nights out Laura had with her friends.

Laura Brizuela

Raindrop Relly - Juggernaut

“This song is a feel-good record. Something you can put the top down and bop your head to or play on a boat ride” – Raindrop Relly

Raindrop Relly

Jon Ochoa - My Favorite Act

‘My Favorite Act’ by Jon Ochoa focuses on lyricism, painting a picture, and evoking a somber emotion.

Jon Ochoa