Jon Pattie - Paper Plane

Jon Pattie’s new EP includes heartfelt lyrics about relationships, pursuing your dreams, trusting yourself, and helping others with depression.

Jon Pattie

Waitwhat & RySHi - What Remains (ft. Daisy Tyler)

“This song is a lot about reflection, which we think shines through in the lyrics as well as the mellow and nuanced production.” – waitwhat


KinetiX - White Oil...

“We are trying to convey a simple message in this song… it’s time to open up your arms again and let people in.” – KinetiX


Arin - All I Want 2 See

Arin’s debut single ‘All I Want 2 See’, ignites us all with the ecstasy of falling head-over-heels for someone.


Lowly Light - Do You Feel Me

‘Do You Feel Me’ is about survival, friendship and the swagger of youth battling the unstoppable force of time.

Lowly Light

Cael Dadian - this sucks

“My favorite thing about this song is that I can’t quite classify it’s genre. It carries hints of alternative, R&B, singer/songwriter, and folk to me.” – Cael Dadian

Cael Dadian