Kylie Rothfield - Everyone Else

‘Everyone Else’ is about growing up always feeling like you’re different and not on the same path or wavelength as everybody else.

Kylie Rothfield

The Jones Project - Stay Too Long

‘Stay Too Long’ by The Jones Project is a conversation, touching on a realisation that one may be unwanted.

The Jones Project

Maestracci - Heart

Maestracci’s music is the colorful fusion of impressionist melodies with binary pulses sometimes groove, often pop.


Juhan Ongbrian - Home Home Home

‘Home Home Home’ by Juhan Ongbrian is a laidback Bedroom Lo-Fi Jazz track with hints of Hip-Hop and Blues.

Juhan Ongbrian

Faith Low - Junkie Luv

‘Junkie Luv’ by Faith Low was written during a period of hopelessness, addiction and a failing relationship.

Faith Low

Props - What You're Made Of

‘What You’re Made Of’ is about scrolling through social media seeing bad stuff and feeling miserable about it.