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Nightly Gatherings - Affirmations

After the release of his second single of 2021, ‘Up All Night’, Nightly Gatherings is back with his follow-up single, ‘Affirmations’. 

Nightly Gatherings

Lewis Daniel - Overwhelmed

Lewis Daniel presents his debut EP ‘States of Being’, blurring the boundaries between jazz, hip-hop, gospel, garage and grime.

Lewis Daniel

JXCKY - System

Melbourne-based pop artist JXCKY released his new dark pop-rock anthem ‘System’.


Brandon Atlas - Needing Me

‘Needing Me’ by Brandon Atlas is a nostalgic pop song that describes a bittersweet relationship.

Brandon Atlas

Tuff Ghost - Collapsing Stars

‘Collapsing Stars’ is all about the futility of the things we concern ourselves with, and the difficulty in finishing the things that we start.

Tuff Ghost

EM3L! - Keep in Mind

“All of my music is from my own point of view regarding my battle with mental health.” – EM3L!


Dexter Francis Mason - Lover

‘Lover’ is about the fantasy of being with someone while not being sure whether this is what you actually want.

Dexter Francis Mason