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Sabiine - Hotline

The eclectic yet catchy track, ‘Hotline’, is a bop with lyrics that have a solid meaning behind them.

Billy Reeves - Murder

Billy Reeves, Melbourne’s prolific New Zealand born hip-hop prodigy returns with his final single of the year, “Murder”.

Roma Rose - How To Feel

How To Feel is a response to life changing moments that make us feel young, childlike and bereft of all the answers.

Rossini - Heartbreaker

Rossini teams up with producer Jesse O’Brien to deliver a vocal powerhouse with brooding undertones.

Jeauneil - Falling (ft. Angelina)

Jeauneil is all set for the independent release of his debut self-produced EP “dear tomorrow” with “falling” the first single off this 4 track emotionally gripping gem.

Jim Jam - Big Bad World

Having already spent the last few months releasing a wave of bold and impressive singles, South-East London-based singer/songwriter Jim Jam now returns with his latest offering ‘Big Bad World’.