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The Escape - Flex

Boasting fiery horns, synths, and vocals that get straight down to business, the track inspires you to put yourself first, cut out all the bullshit, and take control of your own story.

The Escape

Aonian - Hideout (Edit)

‘Hideout’ by Aonian, is a poignant and lush fusion of downtempo electronica and organic mellow soundscapes.


Zaryah - suspicious behavior

‘Suspicious behavior’ illustrates the crippling suspicion of betrayal in a romantic relationship. 


Richard Universe - Motion Picture

Richard Universe released his new E.P ‘I Am Me’ with 7 new tracks, each giving you a snippet into his life.

Richard Universe

Maki Flow - Everything I'm Not

‘Everything I’m Not’ feels like a much needed summer anthem as the days get lighter and the possibility of returning to clubbing gets closer.

Maki Flow

A.D. - Popcorn

A.D. is a UK artist heavily influenced by the American sound, with a strong focus on impeccable flows and creative lyrical prowess.


Bollo Bollo - Mental Mirror

“The title “Mental Mirror” we thought complimented the track perfectly as we all have that idea in our heads of what we are like, usually it is warped by our own doubts and insecurities. ” – Bollo Bollo

Bollo Bollo