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Honas - I Can Get You Out Of This

The song is about standing on the outside and feeling helpless while a friend or loved one is struggling mentally.

East Eden - West Nod

East Eden is a collaboration between two solo artists with the goal to create music all over the country.

Small Dogs - dar es salaam

George Barnett, aims to take the listener on a nostalgic trip through a pre-lockdown world in his debut single ‘dar es salaam’.

Sandra Iris & Leidan - Spaceship

This is a dreamy tune about two lovers that follow each other every night through time, space and dimension.

Cable TV - Sit Back Player

The track brings the synth bass to the front, with spacey pads, flittering arpeggios and a slow groove.

Lost Club - Keep Me (At a Distance)

Refreshing while still maintaining a sense of nostalgia. – Lost Club

Vivek Mehmi - The Upside Down

“We’re living in the upside down now” – Anyone living in 2020