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Julius Wilder - Cool

The people we look at and envy for their “cool” often experience the same insecurities as we do.

Julius Wilder

Jitter - Sweat & Tears

‘Sweat & Tears’ is Jitter’s take on the new wave of Hyperpop music flooding the scene!


Neale Stuart - What Did You Say

Neale wanted to try and capture the current mood in society and make a track of what is relevant to today’s world

Neale Stuart

Mike Spinx - Delerium

The track is named delerium due to the state of confusion Mike Spinx finds himself in at the minute, within his private life and on going pandemic.

Mike Spinx

Be a Bear - My Lullaby (Waxlife Rave Mix)

“Remixing Be a Bear was a challenge that I gladly accepted. The DIY attitude, a bit punk, that characterizes the project was the main reason that pushed me to accept this project.” – Waxlife

Kino - Short Lived

“I made this after a girl & I stopped talking. We weren’t technically together, but we were emotionally invested in each other.” – Kino


Cheribaby - You

Cheribaby’s new EP ‘Hello’ is a collection filled with pure, chill vibes.