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GeoVoc - Tomorrows Scars (Syst3m Glitch Remix)

Tomorrows Scars deals with the fears we can face of life passing quickly and how the world can change so much in such a short time.

Dear Miles - Sisyphus

“Music has always spoken for me when words fail, and if just a single person can connect with my music in a good way, I’d feel like I’ve made it.” – Dear Miles

Dear Miles

Trevor Griffin - flies (Ft. Iamkingsolo)

‘flies’ by Trevor Griffin and Iamkingsolo explains pretty much everything you need to know about life, living, and being alive. 

Juan Johan - I miss you

‘I miss you’ is about a highschool romance and about missing someone but you can’t really do anything about it.

Juan Johan

Qeeran - Love What I Earned

“The single offers insight into the sexual and emotional dimension of my debut EP ‘The Cycle of Love’ and is the final single before its release.” – Qeeran


David McGeary - Anywhere

David McGeary creates a mesmeric experience through expansive soundscapes and soothing rhythms.

David McGeary