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Bomat - Doing All Right

German producer Bomat released his new track ‘Doing All Right’ on NYC label Nervous Records.


Palmboy - Sophie

“You’ll meet a lot of people in your life, and some of them will suck. Sophie is that person who sucks.” – Palmboy


Indira & Guppy Jo - Little Situation

Ending any relationship that you have long outgrown is not easy and can be both hard and sad, but it’s also a chance to begin again, grow, and find ourselves.

Indira & Guppy Jo

Tomas Day - All Mine (ft. Jod.e & Thomas Dixon)

‘All Mine’ explores a party scenario with the emotions and feelings of mixed up love between yourself and someone else there who you always wished might feel the same way.

Jared Scott - Missed Out

This song is about feeling social stress and self-hatred but also realizing that what you’re really looking for is love and the feeling of being wanted. 

Helfrid - När tiden tagit slut

Swedish artist Helfrid released his debut single on Sir Sputnik Records.

Sydney Irving - What Have You Done

Sydney Irving is just 17 years old and already released her fifth EP called ‘Relax With Fiends’.

SnoPack - Into Thin Air

After months of intense focus on his artistic growth, SnoPack released his new track ‘Into Thin Air’.