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Nightly Gatherings - Up All Night

‘Up All Night’ reminds listeners of times before COVID, staying up late enough to witness the transition from late at night to early in the morning.

Nightly Gatherings

WOLFNUNN - Make Me Feel Bad (ft. Cloude)

Both artists wanted to portray a feeling of floating through time within the sound of the track, to resemble how they felt being musically creative during Lockdown.

Einsam - Train of Thought

‘Train of Thought’ is about constancy and is arranged like a long journey with a rolling rhythm to create a sense of motion.


The Super Late Night - Even if I'm Right

Dreamy pop synths and epic drums lay the foundation for Super’s emotionally frustrated modern pop production.

The Super Late Night

Anna Mae Kelly - White Lies

“White lies is the first song I’ve written wrapped in deep feelings.” – Anna Mae Kelly

Anna Mae Kelly

Catt McCreary - Hardball (Grant Wilson Remix)

The already beloved single has gotten a makeover with boppy dance beats and energetic synths that encourages the party animal in any listener.