Alex Frew - Midnight Zone

Alex Frew’s debut EP ‘Cobalt’ is an intoxicating pop collection of magnetic blues.

Alex Frew

Duchess - GURLZ

‘GURLZ’ is about Duchess’ experiences of finding men complicated at times and drawing focus that girls know what girls like.


Cody Francis - fall down, repeat

I think this song is important for people who are hurt and who need to just sit in their feelings for a bit before they can heal. – Cody Francis

Cody Francis

Kish - Hurt Nobody

‘Hurt Nobody’ highlights Kish self-talking her way out of an unhealthy relationship.


Aisling Jarvis - Fade to Black (ft. Hvmmingbyrd & Kipunji)

Dublin-based artist Aisling Jarvis teams up with Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji for ‘Fade to Black’.

Aisling Jarvis

Paulo and the Problems - Vegas (ft. Saynave)

‘Vegas’ is the first single off the upcoming album featuring fellow Fogwood Records artist Saynave.

Paulo and the Problems