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Joey Grace - Racer

All the songs on Joey Grace’s new EP ‘Beautiful Storm’ were written while she struggled through difficult moments in life.

Joey Grace

Nordi Blu - Eye of the hurrican

Just as toxic as your ex sliding into your DM’s, this is the song you simply won’t be able to get enough of.

Nordi Blu

James Gardin - When the Friends Check in (ft. Taylor Taylor)

I hope this song can help your friends feel safe and cared for as they go through the storms life throws at you. – James Gardin

Mike Robert - Cold

Mike Robert’s dream is to spread his feelings and make people feel recognized and not alone with his music.

Mike Robert

Lexa Terrestrial - Bad Timing

Fast bars, Grunge, Trap with a little bit of boombap and 90’s R&B dreampop. That’s what you can expect when listening to Lexa’s new album ‘Empty Life Syndrome’.

Lexa Terrestrial

Semi Fang - River (ft. Del Lune)

River is a song about mental health, more specifically about those special people in our lives who can help us out of our darkest times.