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Joe & The Anchor - Wait On Me

“Wait On Me” is an uplifting song that encourages the listener to trust the process and give room to heal what is broken

Joe & The Anchor

Olivia Morreale - Parasomnia

“Parasomnia” by Olivia Morreale is an exploration of how the subconscious controls our thoughts while we sleep. 

Olivia Morreale

5amuel - What Are You Waiting For

“What Are You Waiting For” is 5amuel’s second single of 2021 and he is planning to release a bunch more!


Thehighwaystory & ThatBoyTwann - Lie to me

“Lie to me” from my second Ep release shows the growth in my penmanship and me finally finding more comfort in my own skin as a musician. – Thehighwaystory

Will Newman - Crazy

Crazy precedes his long-awaited debut studio album, which is rumored to make an appearance in Summer 2021.

Will Newman

Rumara - Storm

“Storm” is Rumara’s enigmatic debut single, a love/hate song to the city that carves out a soulful and transcendent sound amid the skyscrapers and dust.


Kasual OWNLY - Good Ole Days

Kasual OWNLY’s EP “Like It Or Love It” is project worth listening to no matter what anyone say.

Kasual OWNLY