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SABRINA - Falling

‘Falling’ by SABRINA is all about realising your relationship wasn’t ready for the real world.

Tertia - Boys Night

Tertia just released her debut EP called ‘Tertia’s Mixtape’ consisting of 6 delightful tracks.

Brenna Erickson - One Hundred

“One Hundred” is a message for those struggling. It’s okay to rely on your support system, and that you don’t have to be one hundred 100% of the time.

SC - Distort My Eyes (Ft. Spills & Mars)

SC teams up with Spills and Mars for their latest track ‘Distort My Eyes’.

Young Decades - Let You Down

‘Let You Down’ is a soaring and euphoric guitar anthem and the fifth release from Young Decades since their debut in April 2020.