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Talitha - Embarrassed to know ya

‘Embarrassed to Know Ya’ is about relationships where knowledge about each other moves from the surface to the inner, more important soulful matters of who a person is.

babybl.u - highs + lows

‘Highs + Lows’ is about being stuck in an unhealthy relationship, where the other person’s attitude makes your own feelings dependent on their behaviour towards you.


An Early Bird - Fishes in the Ocean

An Early Bird’s latest single is about that feeling of being tired and trapped in the net of everyday life, with rules and roles that we all know.

An Early Bird

Low Girl - Big Now

‘Big Now’ is the new single from alt-pop artist Low Girl and also the title track from her upcoming debut EP.

Low Girl

Robert O'Connor & Skynem GT - Too Late

‘Too Late’ is a sad-banger with a melody that quickly takes up rent-free residence in your brain.