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Luan Mei - Yellow (Tiiva Remix)

Luan Mei collaborates with producer Tiiva for a sparkling, reimagined version of the quirky single ‘Yellow’. 

Back Alley Sound - Monastery

Each lyric on the album has ties to real life situations that all of us have lived. There’s no filler here. These are stories about ourselves and about our entire family here in Pittsburgh. – Back Alley Sound

Daniel Hayford - I Like It

‘I Like It’ is a story written about bad habits or temptations that we cannot resist going back to, even though we know they are bad for us.

Pioneer 11 - Mafia Business

Two best friends desperately trying to bridge the gap between the beat-driven synthwave music of the future and the classic guitar and bass rock of our parents

DL - No Time for Love (Feat. Sammie)

Australian hip-hopper DL & Atlanta’s Billboard-charting R&B star Sammie are getting plenty of Love Internationally, with their vibey single ‘No Time For Love’.

Perry Ripley - The Storm

‘The storm’ explores the passing thoughts of a person who is struggling with mental health and addiction.

Taylor T - Flow Again

In his latest EP ‘Learn How to Love’, Taylor T captures the words from many years of travelling, gigging and busking around the world.

RomeoNoJuliet - Never Know

RomeoNoJuliet’s debut track is about never knowing what a girls motives are or what she will do next. You just never know!