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Victor Perry - Stories

“Stories” is an Alternative Pop / R&B song that guides listeners into the world of Victor Perry. A world full of reflection and introspection.

Faerie - Fever Dream

Faerie captures the hearts of listeners with her contemporized retro style mixed with her dreamy vocals and drifting soundscapes.

Sacropolis - The Sinner

“The Sinner” by Sacropolis is about the uncertainties from a breach of trust. Addressing a man’s confession and his wish for forgiveness.

Comma Sounds x JFlames - Intelligent

Producer/DJ duo Comma Sounds, teams up with JFlames for their latest track “Intelligent”.

Odakota - Everyone Knows

Odakota released a new album called ‘The Color of What Is’ and it begs the ultimate question. “Aren’t we meant for more than this?”