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Turhan James - Chasing Serotonin

The song encompasses my feelings of trying to chase serotonin when I was going through a bad time in my life, feeling hopeless and contemplating the pursuit of my music career. – Turhan James

Swimmers - swm

SWM, introduces a more mature facet to Swimmers sound with seductively delicate vocals and a deep luxurious groove that pulls the listener into a sensual trance.

Alice Pisano - Crush

Crush, is about having one of those strong crushes on someone that knocks you off your feet, but in an unhealthy way

Lost Vegas - When the Lights Go Out

Lost Vegas, was inspired by seeing people close to him wrestling with various mental health issues after struggling with depression and anxiety himself in the past. 

Rosehip - Eden

Eden, can be described as the soundtrack to rain, lakes, mountains and fires under the stars.

Bertie Newman - Lost

Bertie Newman, released his stunning debut single ‘Lost’.

Charlotte Lansman - The Cage

The Cage, is a song that talks about how easy it is to create habits in relationships that we later resent or struggle with.