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SC.undercover - Morals

“Morals” emanates elements from the UK garage, pop and drum & bass scene that SCU was exposed to growing up, while simultaneously delivering a commercial and universal sound.

Zerp - Blue Rivers

‘Blue Rivers’ is just one of many tracks that independent musician Zerp released in 2020.

Life of Riley - So About Yesterday...

Get into a chill vibe with Life of Riley’s latest track ‘So About Yesterday…”.

Life of Riley

Satre - To Me

Satre’s main goal with his music is to express his emotions.

Far West - Back Together

‘Back Together’ is an upbeat and bright synthpop song about trying to accept something you feel is right, but past experiences make it hard.

Bethan John - I'm Doing Fine

‘I’m Doing Fine’ is Bethan John’s latest single as a solo artist.