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Jimmy Harvey - Boys Are Just a Waste of Time

‘Boys Are Just a Waste of Time’ by Jimmy Harvey is an anti-fuckboy, bedroom pop anthem.

David Baron & Kevin Kadish - Deserve

‘Deserve’ is about feeling like a fucked up person in a relationship with a very normal person and having the overwhelming feeling that you’re not worthy of that person’s love or love at all. 

TyFromTheFuturr - Never Going Home

I wrote this song about how I’m running from her love refusing to look back but I can run far before I’m pulled back in again because of her. – TyFromTheFuturr

Lucy Dreams - Elements

‘Elements’ by Lucy Dreams, emphasizes the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

Fire Jane - Blind

Fire Jane’s latest track ‘Blind’ is about moving on or not. Do we close the window to our soul or keep it open?

The Planetoids - Futurity

‘Futurity’ by the Planetoids is a perfect boost for your daily disco grooves.