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Jacuzzi Jefferson - Loved (ft. Marie Lang)

Jacuzzi Jefferson teams up with Marie Lang for his new track ‘Loved’.

TeawhYB - All Gas No Brakes

“Throughout our life journey, we’ll need to dance in the kitchen while we’re cooking food, that’s what I hope to inspire with this release”. – TeawhYB

Dawsen - Vertically Integrated

Dawsen released his latest lyrical art piece called ‘Vertically Integrated’.

DÆFLØW - Hurts to Love You

As a result of a breakup, DÆFLØW wrote ‘hurts to Love you’ which is a testament of truth instead of the lies that hopefully one day we’d believe.

Anaté - First Time

‘First Time’ by Anaté, is the second single from her debut album. The track talks about teenage love.

Hōmlē - Lonelier Game

‘Lonelier Game’ is a song for night drives, something to keep you company as the year turns over and the beat goes on.

Julie Tuzet - Tarde

Julie Tuzet released a catchy Spanish/English track called ‘Tarde’.