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WAMI - Life Is Good (ft. Julia Shuren)

‘Life is Good’ was written with the intention of lifting people up through this difficult time that the entire world has been going through.

Nocturnal - Elysium

The meaning behind ‘Elysium’ is the storyline of planet earth, from when there was nothing formed to when the planet thrived with life before us humans took over and corrupted the natural world.

DJ H Chimist - Castaway (ft. Hayes)

DJ H Chimist teams up with American singer Hayes for their latest release ‘Castaway’!

Beks - The Thing About Us

‘The Thing About Us’ showcases Beks’ innate ability to craft catchy pop hooks, uniting progressive songwriting with her lush vocal tones.

Morku - M.Alone

Urban artist ‘Morku’ released his new album called ‘Ya No Voy a Volver”.