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Arkadi Casper - Am I even human

Arkadi Casper released his new EP “Night in Arcadia” with six stunning tracks!

Latenitexeno - Feeling alright with you (ft. Petal Boy)

Latenitexeno wrote this song thinking about how great the rush of getting into a relationship is, and how important it is to not go too quickly.

The Jones Project - Mellow Drama

“Mellow Drama” by The Jones Project, is a song about the all too familiar act of being too self-critical.

Hugo De La Lune - Prettyboi

“Prettyboi” by Hugo De La Lune, is an explicit track of lust and desire.

Blosun - Come Find Me

R&B duo Blosun released their first single ‘”Come Find Me”.

Baytrees - Sundown

Sundown is a song written about the daily injustices felt by many black men and women worldwide.

Gus D. Wynns & The Breakers - Just Yesterday Morning

With the release of their new EP “Suneater”, Gus D. Wynns & The Breakers showcase their talent through 5 remarkable tracks.

The Jones Project - My Best

“My Best” is a simple song about a relationship dynamic taking an unexpected turn

Kylie Michele - With U With Me

“With U With Me” by Kylie Michele, illustrates the battle between wanting to keep your independence and falling in love.