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Sugar Jam - Lift Me Up

Sugar Jam’s first release is about everything that is uplifting; our kids, music, friends and of course our beloved wifes.

Parish x Bayl - Likewise

“Likewise” by Parish and Bayl, is mainly about coming out of your shell and all considerations behind it.

7Minutes2LA x 4VR - LUV ETRNL (feat. Rob Coard + Sad Marquise)

“Luv Etrnl” tells a tale of waiting on unreciprocated love that is sure to get you in your feels.

Hopkins - Dominion

“Dominion” is about giving into weaknesses and letting those things, in which we are weak, take absolute control.

Joâo Faria - I'll Be There

“I’ll Be There” by Joâo Faria tells a story about being there for each other.

Sarafin - Came A Long Way

“Came a long way” is about following your heart through hard times and persevering even when it feels like the world is on your shoulders. 


YMM released his debut EP “Smoke For Days” on his new imprint “No Label”.