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The Wyze - Black & White

Toronto based duo The Wyze released an 80s tinged alt-pop single called ‘Black & White’.

Xperience - Saucy

Xperience’s new album ‘Regal Blue ’84’ is a modern soul masterpiece, a total exploration of the beautiful and cruel, the sweet and the bitter, the beginnings & the ends.

Alith Berndarn - Lucid Scent

‘Lucid Scent’ is about the feeling of wanting more, even though it’s not the best option, especially for your mental or physical health.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Flies in My Eyes

‘Flies in My Eyes’ is the new single from Melbourne-based indie rock band ‘The great Emu War Casualties’.

The Great Emu War Casualties

Nandun - Crazy Crazy

Inspired by his past relationships, Nandun released his new single ‘Crazy Crazy’.

Juva - Forsaken

Juva’s latest release ‘Forsaken’, moves through a range of emotions felt by many in 2020.

TINY - Good Life

“I feel like this track is a very vulnerable expression & extension of myself.” – TINY