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Pizzypresh - Ijeoma

‘Ijeoma” Is a typical love story that deeply talks about the feeling of the absence of ones lover not been around, reminiscing the good memorable times been shared.

Just John - Open Wound

Just John released his third single, ‘Open Wound’ taken from his new EP ‘This Is Fate’.

Conner Ball - In The Air (ft. Helen House)

‘In The Air’ tells the story of a guy and a girl who see each other for the first time and instantly fall in love, but they don’t recognize the feeling.

Dama Juda - What Have You Done

‘What Have You Done’ is a journey of female empowerment. As a woman, you have to constantly fight this society standard that women are the weaker sex.

Shafkkat - Omission

Shafkkat wrote his new EP ‘Ode To None’ for the empty dancefloor, a space that is deeply missed in our hearts.

Elkvilla - Strangers

The song is about the circumstances of ex-lovers having to remain living together because they have nowhere else to go becoming “strangers”.