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FLAUR - Maliblue

Inspired by his childhood nostalgia, FLAUR released his latest track ‘Maliblue’.

River Iris - War

‘War’ by River Iris is an edgy, moody track about a tumultuous relationship where conflict is constant.

Jonny Ong & inch - Taking Silence

Jonny Ong teams up with Singaporean singer-songwriter Inch, for their new track ‘Taking Silence’.

Allegra - Do What I Want

‘Do What I Want’ is an impassioned statement from a young woman forging her own path in the music industry.

John Lindahl & Colette Lush - My List

Colette Lush has teamed up with singer-songwriter and producer John Lindahl to release their first duet ‘My List’.

Harlym - Battle

Harlym takes us onto a journey activating the strength we all share deep down in our souls, inspiring us to not to give up, but to fight.