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Frederic Robinson - ENGRAM

“My music is about seeing the magic in the natural world around us by slightly abstracting parts of it. A sort of hyperRealism.” – Frederic Robinson

Telemarkk - Reflection

‘Reflection’ by electro-indie duo Telemarkk, satisfies the listener with melancholic pop melodies and gripping bass lines.

Ryan Nealon - Lights Out

‘Lights Out’ is one of four tracks from Ryan’s latetest album ‘Recovery’.

Milli¥en - Out of My Mind

“’Out Of My Mind’ is a gradient of different time periods in my life. I wanted to show that I’ve grown as a person over the past few years.” – Milli¥en

Natálie Grossová - Girls

‘Girls’ by Natálie Grossová is an exciting upbeat celebration of female solidarity.

Mystic Waxx - Take Me Away

‘Take Me Away’ by Mystic Waxx is a deeply lyrical song with a simple story twist about romance and inspiring adventures.

Lorne Vincent - Sweet Love Departed

‘Sweet Love Departed’ builds from a haunting opening, to an anthemic and cinematic climax, embellished by indie ideals intertwined with melodic string lines and vocal harmonies.