LowKiy & Blank Face - Ladybug

‘Ladybug’ is the typical story of a boy who really likes a girl. However, this girl gets close to the boy because she likes his friend.

Oshua - Monke

‘Monke’ by Oshua conveys the feeling of bedroom boredom which is accompanied by airy undertones and a lofi beat.

RubyGld Smoke - Don't Worry About You

Pop music duo RubyGld Smoke have released their debut album ‘Revolutionary Love’.

Olive Louise - Undefined

With ‘Undefined’, Olive Louise hopes to remind people that it is okay to start over and that it is possible to find happiness again.


London-based rapper CHOZE drops experimental grime banger ‘BADDERZ’.

Smotherly Love - Places to Be

UK artist Smotherly Love released his debut EP ‘Predestinate Grooves’.

Smotherly Love

Laykes - Shipwreck Fairytale

Alternative pop duo Laykes released their long-awaited debut EP ‘Globeville’.

Tyler Cohen - How I Feel

‘How you feel is who you are. Acknowledge it, feel it, control it.” – Tyler Cohen