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Absysics - zhuzh

“zhuzh” is absysics concentrated best: looping voice whispers, shuffling pluck bass, surreal analogue arpeggios which settle listener into a loungey groove for laidback moments.

Julia Viktoria - Stranger

With her new track ‘Stranger’, Julia reflected on the fact that a person who she shared a part of her life with suddenly turned into a stranger.

Anaté - Confusion

‘Confusion’ talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what we want and what we are “allowed to want”, between who we are and expected to be, between emotion and reason.

Tanya George - Woodland

‘Woodland’ by Tanya George, explores the ethereal feeling of being at a music festival.

Piqued Jacks - Every Day Special

‘Every Day Special’ is the first single from the new Piqued Jacks album set to be released in 2021.

Sean Wyer - Sex Sells

‘Sex Sells’ by Sean Wyer, is a commentary on social media and its effect on the way we see our bodies.

Jay Suttin & Jack Bashful - Abuela

Get ready to tickle your taste buds! Jay Suttin teams up with Jack Bashful for a very tasty track called ‘Abuela’.