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Olla - Prana

Olla is back with a stunning new release called “Prana”. The title “Prana” comes from yogic philosophy, where Olla herself finds a personal connection to the concept of Prana. “A Healing fulfilling and inspiring force that does conquer all.” – Olla

melobird - Horizon

Belgium based producer melobird has released an true electronic masterpiece named “Horizon”. The smooth melodies take you on a journey through exciting soundwaves that will definitely please your ears!

Skar de Line - A Way

The fourth chapter of Skar de Line’s autobiographical musical journey, “A Way”, is a powerful ode to a moment in time that is both unforgettable and deeply personal. The track is a dazzling combination of mesmerizing hooks and swirling reverb-drenched synths.

Nëk - Past Recollections

With his debut mixtape, “Exceeded Expectations,” Nëk announces his arrival onto the music scene with a bang. This project is the culmination of his hard work and dedication, as he takes his first steps as an up-and-coming artist into the challenging music industry.

Canary Complex - EDEN

The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves is the new album from solo musical project ‘Canary Complex’. A stunning collection of mesmerizing sounds, worth to add to your playlist!

lilac frog - Happy Ending

“Happy Ending” by lilac frog is an upbeat, emotional release that many listeners can find their connection with. His project “Flying Without Wings” which includes the track “Happy Ending” is truly unique and innovative approach to tell a story through music.