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Onbar & Orion Song - CHANCE

Onbar and friends take a chance on love in their latest release, ‘CHANCE’. This heartfelt collaboration delves into the all-too-familiar theme of taking a leap of faith in love, even after being hurt in the past. The smooth and soulful melodies paired with Onbar’s emotive lyrics create a beautiful tapestry of sound.

JWhale & JimmyG - Last Night (feat. ix)

JWhale and Birmingham-based artist ix have joined forces to bring us the deeply personal track, ‘Last Night’. In this introspective journey, JWhale shares his struggles with using music as a means to escape the stresses and changes in his life.

Alexia Vegas - Calling of the City

The city that never sleeps, New York, has a way of calling to its inhabitants, and ‘Calling of the City’ by Alexia Vegas is a love letter to this magnificent metropolis. Through the lyrics, listeners are transported to the hustle and bustle of waking up in the Big Apple, full of hope and dreams for the future.

Natalie Clark - How High

‘How High’ by Natalie Clark is a stunning showcase of her vocal prowess that will leave you mesmerized. This emotionally charged track is a layered tapestry of soulful harmonies and hypnotic, earthy rhythms, each weaving together to create a truly uplifting experience.

Nëk - Pretty Girls Love Jazz

Nëk’s second EP, Misti’s Blues, delves into the depths of the human experience, exploring the rough terrain of America’s inner cities. It is a powerful work of art that speaks to the soul, a soulful reminder of the resilience and strength within us all.