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Luke Targett - Fall for U

‘Fall for U’ captures the essence of tumbling head-over-heels for that special someone, who brings a touch of magic to each and every day just by their mere presence. This upbeat, soulful release is infused with a touch of nostalgia, painting a picture of a love that enriches life’s daily moments.

Vanstone & LNDN - FIJI

Vanstone and LNDN’s collaboration named ‘FIJI’ is a highly energetic dance anthem that propels you towards the pinnacle of success. This powerhouse production will get the club bouncing with its infectious basslines and contagious beat.


‘Picture in My Pocket’ is an upbeat and sun-kissed indie electronic song composed by talented musician micahsota. It is a celebration of life’s special moments, captured through the lens of a trusty Instax camera.

Marcus Smith - Day After Day

‘Day After Day’ by Marcus Smith is a heartfelt tribute to the wisdom and support of his father, who lends his voice to the chorus in a stirring duet. This song captures the essence of a father’s love and the invaluable guidance he provided during the most challenging moments in Marcus’s life.

Oliver Pinder - Beautiful Second

‘Beautiful Second’ by Oliver Pinder is a melancholic ode to fleeting relationships, where one person holds onto a spark of hope, despite knowing it will eventually fade away. The song captures the bittersweet feeling of cherishing each moment that you have left.

Thy Veils - Upstream

Thy Veils’ latest offering, ‘Upstream’, is a breathtaking, ethereal experience that enshrouds you in a warm, sonic aura. Like a dreamy, musical river, the sounds effortlessly carry you away, transporting you to a state of peaceful flow and serenity.